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National Retailer sold on Omnia’s
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Customer Background

The National Retailer specialises in automotive, travel and financial services to 2.1m customers and 30,000 members.

Customers engage with the Retailer through multiple channels, both digital and in person.

Business Objective

The goal of the National Retailer was to upgrade its End User Computing (EUC) to Windows 10 & Office 365 platform across its geographically dispersed organisation.

A hardware refresh of 1,500 end user devices was part of the scope. This hardware was to be installed in various locations throughout Victoria and around Australia.

The Challenges

The Retailer did not have the internal IT resources to undertake such a large project in-house, particularly due to the numerous locations involved, including head office, retail stores and other sites.

The sheer logistics of the project such as the collection of such a large volume of existing devices from multiple locations, asset management, freight, data sanitisation and asset disposal, was beyond the capabilities of the National Retailer’s existing resources.

The project involved tight time frames and business continuity risk, with a large portion of the scope to be delivered during normal business hours.

End users would require onsite support to help them adjust to the new platform.

The Solution

Omnia Technology® was selected* to support the National Retailer on this project. The National Retailer could see that Omnia had the expertise, track record and resources to meet the challenges at hand.

Lead by Anthony Gerresheim, Managing Director, Omnia conducted a comprehensive site audit and project scoping, which resulted in a tailored deployment solution.

The deployment solution was based on the specific and unique requirements of the project and took full advantage of Omnia’s core services.

* Selected by our IT Partner

Customer Details
National Retailer

Automotive, Travel and Financial Services

National hardware replacement



  • Finding a National IT Services company with the adequate resources to effectively manage a large-scale deployment of upgraded computer hardware and software.
  • The need for minimal interruption during normal business working hours.
  • On ground support required to familiarise end users with the IT refresh.



  • Omnia Technology® was selected to partner the National Retailer on this project.



  • The national deployment of upgraded hardware across multiple locations was delivered as per the agreed scoping.
  • The National Retailer enjoyed a completely hands-off engagement with their IT deployment partner.
  • End user downtime was minimal and well managed to ensure business continuity.

This Omnia successfully implemented its tailored deployment solution, expertly managing the many challenges, thanks to its extensive resources.

Down time was kept to a minimum as end users were provided with their upgraded computers and received immediate on ground support.

Existing peripherals were reinstated and integrated with new hardware. All legacy assets were promptly sanitised and removed with a comprehensive reconciliation report provided. Assets with commercial value were on-sold with rebates offered to off-set refresh project costs with remaining legacy assets processed for e-Waste.

The final result was the fact that the National Retailer including its end users and customers, could enjoy the benefits of the IT upgrade with minimal interruption or involvement.

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