Project Management Office

Need Help That You Can Trust With Managing Your Next IT Hardware Project?

With Omnia Project Management Office, you can rest easy knowing your technology project is in good hands. We manage every aspect of your project, be it a single site, multi- site, state-wide, national or even international.

Our people are experts – with years of practical experience in the industry – joining the Omnia family from other IT hardware support companies, or promoted from within, after years of delivering rollout programs and managing delivery teams in the field.

Our approach is underpinned by transparency, open and clear communication, efficiency, and continuous improvement. We support our people with best practice planning and scheduling tools, ongoing training and empowering and trusting them to deliver the agreed outcomes.

Our promise to you is a single point of contact engagement that will meet project deadlines, exceed your expectations and result in a positive customer experience.

With Omnia’s Project Management Office, You Get Full Accountability And Responsibility

Expect nothing less. From the initial planning, scheduling and delivery, through to daily and weekly reporting and post implementation review. The buck stops with us, no exceptions. Your Omnia Project Manager is your single point of contact, managing all aspects of your project delivery. Your Project Manager is fully supported by technical experts, team leaders, project administration and a management team with over 70 years combined IT hardware support experience. Because Omnia takes full accountability and responsibility for project delivery, as our client, you can enjoy a “hands-off” experience, thereby reducing your costs by removing unnecessary internal Project Management overhead.

Teamwork Means Collaborative Planning And Scheduling

As experts in technology project delivery, Omnia’s approach is one of a thought leader, not an order taker. Planning for a project is just as important for the service partner, as it is on the client side.

A technology project can result in significant change for your end users and also your internal IT support teams. Leveraging years of experience and best practise, Omnia will work with you to ensure a successful outcome and mitigate foreseeable project risks on both sides.

As a trusted advisor, providing input into client internal communication plan, undertaking pilot programs and scaling delivery aligning to available internal IT support are some examples.

Scheduling is equally as important. Exceptions and nuances are a fact of life, in particular, with multi-site locations and even individual end users. As such, our approach to scheduling is one of flexibility, with delivery agreed to set days and times, and with agility, reacting to changes on the fly, even at very short notice.

Clear Communication Is In Our DNA

Clear communication is one of Omnia’s Core Values and underpins the success of our project delivery capability. Open, transparent and regular communication is not only critical for the client, but for all project stakeholders.

Straight talking, no smoke and mirrors. Our clients can expect to be informed and actively engaged throughout the delivery of every project. Omnia has developed a simple Progress-To-Plan dashboard, shared with our clients daily or weekly – a graphical presentation of project milestones, highlighting any challenges and suggested actions.

Managing Project Cost In A Not So Perfect World

In a perfect world, a project has a fixed scope, fixed milestones, a fixed schedule, and no issues. Of course, this isn’t reality. Traditionally, change equates to additional cost, through a Project Change Request or additional Time and Materials charges.

Omnia takes a different view – a fresh and alternative approach being noticed, as Omnia is engaged time and time again by our delighted existing clients.

Omnia takes a holistic point of view to your project – if efficiencies gained in the delivery of your project results in project hours below budget at the conclusion of your project, we will look to absorb additional costs where possible and practical.

This approach provides our clients with more cost certainty, whilst dispensing with the formal change request process.

Does This Sound Like The Kind Of IT Project Management You Need?

Omnia Project Management Office – Delivering Your Asset Lifecycle Roadmap

Project Planning, Scheduling And Delivery, Pilot Programs, Rollout Programs And BAU Activities.