Site Preparation Services

Need Help On The Ground Scoping Your IT Hardware Rollout?

With Omnia Site Preparation Services, you have the certainty of an experienced IT partner that provides you critically important local site information to plan for your next rollout or upgrade.

With so many variables in play, a local and timely site audit can be difference between a smooth rollout with minimal risk, to a rollout plagued with uncertainty, delays, multiple site visits, cost blow outs, unnecessary downtime and overall, a poor customer experience.

Our site audits provide our clients with visibility at each location – presenting a clear understanding of current state, whilst also identifying any potential road blocks or issues that may impact a successful rollout program.

Armed with the latest auditing platforms, our audits are comprehensive, structured, captured in real time, presented in a single document for each site, delivered in various electronic formats.

Our Audits Aren’t Limited To Just Your IT Assets

Planning for a project is just as important for the service partner, as it is on the client side.

A technology project can result in significant change for your end users and also your internal IT support teams. Leveraging years of experience and best practise, Omnia will work with you to ensure we capture the right information to ensure a successful outcome and mitigate foreseeable project risks on both sides.

As a trusted advisor with years of auditing experience across many industries and IT hardware platforms, we also provide valuable insight into likely fringe or environmental factors worthy of consideration when rolling out new hardware in your environment.  

Some examples include provision of data and power, cavity or counter dimensions and design, connectivity with peripheral hardware, roof and wall cavity composition, obstructions and anchor points, ground level obstructions, accessibility to work specific work areas and locations, cable runs, compliance with legislation and internal policies and so on.

An Omnia Audit Means A Complete Audit Solution

Our auditing services are not limited to just gathering information – we provide you with a complete auditing solution, including:

Regardless of the auditing tool selected, our audit process ensures our audits are completed in real time, saved in the cloud and are available electronically even before departing site.

Our audits tools are comprehensive, providing various levels of reporting depending on individual stakeholder requirements. For example, providing a dashboard of identified issues for stakeholder action, or indeed a comprehensive view, supported with imbedded photos and other attachments.

The use of the latest auditing platforms ensures a lower cost outcome – little to no post audit administration is required to consolidate and manipulate data or individual files ahead of presenting information to our clients.

To maintain data quality, we carefully design our audits to provide a structured response, leveraging conditional and fixed responses wherever possible. The notion of auditor misinterpretation, subjectivity and user error makes way for consistent, efficient, and objective data capture. To support future data analysis, data is easily presented in flat file format.

You can rest easy knowing your technology audit is in good hands. We manage every aspect of your IT audit, be it a single site, multi- site, state-wide, national or even international.

What Next? Who Can You Turn To?

Once your audit is complete, if you have gaps to be addressed ahead of your technology rollout, who can you turn to?

Omnia of course! This is what sets Omnia apart from other IT service providers.

We manage all your pre-rollout requirements, to provide you with a single provider solution that co-ordinates various trades and other 3rd parties, ahead of embarking on your IT technology rollout.

Some examples where we have added value include:

Does This Sound Like the Kind of Site Preparation Support You Need?

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