Repair Centre Services

Need Help Maintaining Your Mission Critical IT Hardware?

With Omnia Repair Centre Services, whether you’re a local or international hardware vendor looking to establish an Authorised Service Partnership in Australia, OR

A business with mission critical hardware looking for a multi-vendor third party repair centre, Omnia has you covered.

We support the following technologies;

As your Authorised Service Partner, Omnia delivers you warranty and extended warranty service pack solutions to support your clients with comprehensive depot repair services.

Being your Third-Party Maintenance Partner, Omnia delivers you a comprehensive multi-vendor depot repair solution for all your mission critical and multi-platform technologies, whether out of warranty or end of life.

Omnia enjoys working with Australian business directly and provides white label services to Australian and multinational technology professional services and solutions companies and technology vendors.

Our solutions provide you with single service provider solution, SLA driven service outcomes, covering all aspects of service delivery and repairing your or your client’s hardware.

Our people are experts – with years of practical experience in the industry – joining the Omnia family from other IT hardware support companies, or promoted from within, after years of delivering and managing national hardware maintenance service and repair centre contracts.

Our approach is underpinned by transparency, open and clear communication, efficiency, and continuous improvement. We leverage over 90 years of combined IT hardware support experience, proven and robust processes, fit for purpose infrastructure, operating the best service management system and a state-of-the-art repair centre.

No matter the repair centre requirement, rest easy knowing Omnia has you fully covered.

A Comprehensive Ecosystem To Deliver Your SLA

Omnia manages every aspect of repair centre services, including:

Service Request & RMA Management

Omnia Circle – Omnia’s service management platform – is the foundation of all service activity to deliver your contracted SLA outcomes. Circle features a complex SLA monitor and alert engine, ensuring proactive management of all service requests throughout the life cycle of each ticket.
As such, any problems or difficulties are identified early, ensuring mitigations are promptly actioned, resulting in SLA targets being met and a highest possible first-time fix outcome.
The Circle platform is underpinned by automated workflows, promoting the most efficient, repeatable and predictable service outcomes. Integrated spare parts inventory management ensures spare parts in storage, transit, installed and removed are tracked in real time.
Whilst client to Omnia Circle system integration is always encouraged, Circle also provides our clients with portal access.

Spare Parts Management

All spare parts, whether consigned by our clients, or procured by Omnia are registered and barcoded to enable real time tracking. Omnia’s instant parts replenishment model ensures that Omnia is always well placed to meet your next service request and the highest possible first-time fix outcome.

Omnia Circle inventory management ensures stocking locations hold optimal inventory levels to always meet agreed SLAs.

Logistics, Reverse Logistics, Freight and Warehousing

Omnia’s logistics, freight and warehousing backbone ensures spare parts are in the right place at the right time. Omnia’s reverse logistics capabilities ensures repaired products under warranty are promptly returned to your client, any where in Australia.
Rest easy knowing your spare parts, assets and your clients products are securely stored and fully insured, within the Omnia warehousing network and fully tracked and insured whilst in transit. Omnia’s infrastructure is fit for purpose providing for the most efficient management of your spare parts and client products, fully supported by Omnia’s trusted freight partner network, ensuring SLA targets being met and the highest possible first-time fix outcome.

Spare Parts Procurement

Omnia fully supports our clients with local spare parts procurement. Leveraging Omnia’s local and international supply chain, Omnia can either supplement your consigned spare parts to meet inventory shortfalls or provide a completely independent source of spare parts and components to facilitate board or module level repair.

Both approaches ensure local optimal inventory level to meet your SLA expectations.

Warranty Management

As your Third-Party Maintenance partner, Omnia delivers you a comprehensive multi-vendor repair centre solution for all your mission critical and multi-platform technologies, whether out of warranty or end of life.
For assets under EOM warranty, Omnia will interface directly with EOM service providers to provide you with seamless Third-Party Maintenance outcomes.
As your Authorised Service Partner, Omnia will manage your clients warranty entitlements, ensuring only devices under warranty are promptly actioned.

Repair Centre

Omnia provides bench repair services, including module repair or replacement and board level repairs.
Our Repair Centre engineering provides repair capability up to Level 4, delivering the following repair services:
As your Third-Party Maintenance partner, Omnia fully manages its own repair loop. This capability ensures faulty devices are promptly repaired and replenished into the spare parts pool.
In turn, local optimal inventory levels are maintained across Omnia network or yours, to meet your SLA expectations. Another major benefit is much lower support costs, as parts are repaired, in favour of being replaced.
As your Authorised Service Partner, Omnia repairs faulty modules and boards, thus providing an independent and onshore repair capability. This capability provides Omnia with a high level of self-sufficiency, offering significantly reduced lead times, reduced freight costs and unnecessary handling.

Omnia ASP – The Right Choice For Depot Repair Services

As your Authorised Service Partner, rest easy knowing Omnia has you fully covered. Omnia will seamlessly integrate with your RMA process and support teams, providing you with local white label depot repair solutions.

Omnia designs solutions to meet the exact requirements of your client to deliver a comprehensive depot repair solution, including material handling, inspection, bench repair, testing, packaging, shipping, e-waste and administrative support.

Omnia’s comprehensive maintenance ecosystem allows Omnia to integrate ASP depot repair with ASP onsite warranty support and ASP Advanced Exchange requirements.

Less Really Is More With Omnia Third Party Maintenance

Managing multiple maintenance contracts across multiple vendors and multiple devices can be a nightmare. An Omnia Third Party Maintenance solution is the answer. Simply raise a service ticket with Omnia for any hardware failure, and we’ll take care of it, all within your agreed SLA.
Omnia will manage your warranty arrangements and provide you with ongoing maintenance support, as your hardware warranty expires and could otherwise leave you exposed.
An Omnia Third Party Maintenance solution will provide you with:

End Of Life? No Stress With Omnia Third Party Maintenance

An Omnia Third Party Maintenance solution will continue to fully support your mission critical devices beyond end of life, by providing experienced support and accessing OEM equipment updates and parts.
Omnia’s local and international supply chain ensures spare parts are readily available, stocked locally, ensuring no delays, and delivering on SLA expectations.

Does This Sound Like the Kind Of Repair Centre Support You Need?

Omnia Repair Centre Services – Supporting Your ASP And Third Party Maintenance Requirements

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