Pre-Deployment Services

Need Help Preparing Your Assets For Your Next IT Hardware Project?

With Omnia Pre-Deployment Services, you can rely on Omnia to manage all aspects of your asset pre-deployment program. From your SOE build and application packaging, through to delivery at your site or end users place of work, trust Omnia to support you anywhere in Australia. Omnia understands how critical this component is to the overall success of any rollout program.

We support the following technologies;

Our people are experts. Our facilities are state of the art, offering high throughput and the highest level of security. Our processes are proven with a rinse-and-repeat approach underpinning the efficient and consistent delivery of new devices to your sites or end users.

Our services are comprehensive, providing our clients with a complete pre-deployment solution, no matter the requirements or the device. From a straightforward offline image load, through to VPN, distribution point or on-prem server hosted environments.

Our imaging services offer a base image load, through to more complex builds including multi-image and individual user application loads. Our services go further to include software and hardware configuration, hardware and firmware upgrades, test and tagging and bundling with other peripherals at individual site or user prior to dispatch.

Regardless of your requirements, expect full asset management visibility with detailed real-time reporting provided for all pre-deployment activities undertaken.

No Image? No Problem.

Enjoy a faster deployment program with an image built specifically for your environment.  With an Omnia built image, your internal resources can focus on supporting your environment, your image will be fully validated and tested and can include custom and publicly available applications.

So Much More Than Just Imaging

Whilst out of the box and on the bench, Omnia’s offers a range of additional services for your devices including:

To deliver successful imaging outcomes, Omnia also offers additional support services, such as:

Rest easy knowing your assets are in good hands.

So Much More Than Just Rollouts

Leveraging the same infrastructure, people, systems and processes, Omnia’s services extend to include BAU activities, such as:

Want to reuse your existing assets?

Reallocating or re-using existing assets within minimum specification and condition is common place. Omnia offers the same pre-deployment services, whether your devices are new or used. When re-imaging and dispatching existing devices, Omnia will also provide fit-for-purpose packaging.

Does This Sound Like the Kind of IT Pre-Deployment Support You Need?

Omnia Pre-Deployment Services – Preparing Your Assets For Your Environment

SOE Build And Application Packaging, Logistics, Freight And Warehousing, Asset Management, Out Of The Box Staging, Imaging And Configuration, Hardware Upgrades, Firmware Updates And Test And Tag.